Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Death to my Hometown

For several days I've been putting my brain around a blog post about the experience of Katrina 7 years ago today and the way my life has traveled since that day, but I'm still not finished with the attempt.

At the same time, I absolutely cannot let the day go by without a beginning stab at the way I feel about such things. Oddly enough The Boss has done a good job of putting my thoughts into words with a song off Wrecking Ball that is about our more recent great debacle. There are very few things that do as good a job describing BOTH these events like "Death To My Hometown.

However... when you're done watching this one, check out my Blues Routes show about Springsteen's more specific response to Katrina when he played that following spring at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (and in so doing, won the accolades of New Orleans locals as well as his legion of fans).

And to my friends back home... Hang in there babies!!!